The Rook & Pawn Fan Tracks Program

The Rook & Pawn Fan Tracks Program is scheduled game programming run by fans and for fans.

We are often asked by customers “when is the best time to find a new game group?” or “when do people come to play (insert game name here)?”. With Rook & Pawn Fan Tracks we hope to make finding people who enjoy your favorite kinds of games easier. Groups will meet monthly (or more frequently if desired), pick their own games month-to-month, and select a member to teach or groups will learn new games together.

For a limited time participation in Fan Track events will be completely free.  After this trial period participation will be free for our Annual Gold Members, otherwise normal daily membership fees apply (unless otherwise noted in track listing). If your favorite genre or interest is not listed below, please contact us about starting your own track! 


  • Just show up at the date and time of a scheduled event and the Track Captain will add you to the list and give you all additional information; OR
  • email with your info/questions/comments/suggestions for new tracks

A full listing of current Fan Tracks and a calendar of upcoming events can be found below:

Fan Tracks


Rook & Pawn University

A Rook & Pawn Game Wizard will teach you all there is to know about the new world of tabletop gaming over the course of six sessions. Each meeting will feature a new game, a new mechanic and increasing levels of complexity.

Schedule coming soon!



A meetup for anyone interested in role playing games - whether you're new to RPGs or have been playing for decades. 

No prior experience necessary and no materials required - our captains Peter Reitz, David and Nathan will take care of everything and get you into a campaign in no time! 

First Tuesday of every month, 7pm.


Meetup Mondays

If you’re new to games, new to town or looking for a great way to find a new game group and connect with new friends, Meetup Mondays are for you. Run in cooperation with the Athens Area Board Game Group. 

Third Monday of every month, 7pm.


Magic the Gathering Drafts and Drafts

Magic the Gathering drafts and draft beer specials every Monday night. $15 per draft. Single elimination and prize support

Every Monday night, 7pm.



Playtest Night with Mattox Shuler and Kyle Key

Be the first to play new games from local indie developers! Games will be demoed by the developers themselves and guests will enjoy new mechanics and twists on old themes



League Trivia with James Majure

Teams of four will compete over the course of five trivia sessions, culminating in a Championship Showdown between the two teams with the highest aggregate scores. Questions will be standard/general trivia and cover everything from sports to science and everything in between. Grand prize for each winning team member includes annual memberships and more!

Last Monday of every month, 8pm.


Lord of the Rings/Fantasy with Tim Kelly

A monthly gathering for fans of Tolkien and the fantasy genre. We will play games such as: War of the Ring, Battle of the Five Armies, Middle-Earth Quest, Lords of Waterdeep, Tyrants of the Underdark and more!

Third Sunday of every month, 12:30pm


X-Wing Track with JP

Calling all fighter pilots! Whether you're a seasoned X-Wing player or a new recruit, swing by the X-Wing Fan Track night to engage in intense skirmishes against other pilots and earn the respect and admiration of your peers. 

X-wing is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in which players take control of powerful Rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE fighters, facing them against each other in fast-paced space combat. Basic miniatures will be provided for beginners to become familiar with the game. Advanced players are invited to bring their own set.

Every other Tuesday evening, 6pm


Game On!

Game On! is a group dedicated to teaching the constantly expanding world of board games to older adults and retirees. A Rook & Pawn Game Wizard will select a new game each month for participants to learn and play over lunch. A great group for those looking for new games to play with their kids, grandkids and at family get togethers!

Second Thursday of every month, noon