Briefly closing to recuperate...(reopening Wednesday)

We can't thank all of you enough for a great opening week.  It couldn't have been more amazing for us.  Athfest went well and we appreciate all of your great feedback.  Speaking of feedback, we have decided to use the first two days of this week to catch our breath, briefly close, and take your suggestions to heart.  We will take the much needed time to replace some kitchen equipment that was not meeting our needs, tweak the menu and organize to increase efficiency and decrease customer wait times.  We are sorry to have to do this but we think it is for the best for the cafe and its customers.  Thanks for understanding and see you this Wednesday (July 1st)!

The Membership Fee

We just wanted to address some concerns about the daily membership fee.   It's sort of like if you go to a movie, you are paying for the experience of watching that movie in a theater.  Sure you could go buy the movie soon enough, but it's much more fun to go to the theater to see it.  A weird way to think about it but it helps make sense of the membership charges.  We want you to have a complete experience when you come to the cafe to play a game.

Remember also that you don't have to pay if you aren't playing, and for kids under 13 it's always free to play.


We will be constantly evaluating and reevaluating how to charge the membership fees as we go.  We really have to see how the cafe fares in the first few months.  We want to make sure we can make enough money to stay open so everyone can enjoy the games for years to come!

Thanks all and can't wait to see you at the cafe!


Gateway Games

We want everyone to play whatever games they want, but of course we will always have some suggestions for people who are ready to enter a new world of gaming!  This site has some great games that we will of course have in the cafe for you to enjoy!


We are getting there...

Our friends the Tovrogs came up today with their cutie twin daughters and helped us work on some great paninis and smoothies for the menu.  We went up to the cafe to check out the progress and it's really coming along!  

Getting Social

!!!!!  Just had to get a few of those out of the way.  Just wanted to remind everyone to follow us on our social media accounts for updates on the cafe opening!  We will try to show the whole process so you can see it go from pretty much and empty shell to a hopefully super great place to hang out!  Links to our social media accounts are at the bottom of each page on the website.  Just click on them and you'll be heading in the right direction.  Coming soon...what used to be in the space where we are going to have the cafe???  

Starting At Go

Well here we begin!  This is very exciting for us as we see that people in the area really seem to be looking forward to the place opening.  Thanks for all the support over the last few days!  Here is a link to the Flagpole article about the cafe.  Follow us here on the website and on social media for updates!  

We will of course post updates about the store, but we will also post some information about the process of opening the store!  We have had a lot of help and input from other board game cafe owners around the country (and world!) so we want to help out anyone that comes after us.  Check out Snakes and Lattes and GameHaus to get an idea of what a board game cafe is all about!